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should teach your children chinese but that they get will be a economy to deal with. >> we're talking about a tesla and how they may bring and a location and china. >> there passible stock- tested store is the they do not have the charges and capabilities. that may be very problematic. they want to get in last 10, south america but until their infrastructure is in place they're going nowhere fast. >> we were talking about starbucks and their tight end with twitter. >> congratulations to starbucks. i think they have came up with the promotions. it is called twitt your coffee. you can pay $5 to link this and they will give you a $5 credit, if you twitt me bin you get a free coffee. i like the concept of this. they want to get into mobile more. they're showing that plants like this will work. this is a key to their long-term success. >> let's talk about eight m.amc. >> they bought a company and that would give them exposure in latin american. they have a lot of good shows. they could do the shows and spanish. they're trying to increase their exposure so that to get more revenue. netflix
the affect on the economy elsewhere. >>mark: watching kellogg. the big cuts. what's going on there. >> kellogg is pop tarts, plain gold--sprinkled, lego. --pringles, leggo my eggo >> they are taking effect some cost efficiency. they are calling that project k. i like kellogg for no longtime patient investor. >>mark: tesla. we've seen their sales and really starting to skyrocket the busing's only if you live in a very rich as of code. >> is the most registered new vehicle and the eighth top neighborhoods. the vehicles are stunning. they sell so few vehicles nationwide. they're earning season of reports coming this week. it's time to see what investors think of how few cars they sell compared to how much demand they have in the future. it will be fun to watch their tesla reports street thinks mr. market-entry into >> coming up drive me an e- mail. we will see after the break. >>rob: welcome. but bringing in experts. joining us now jeff lerman. but jeff you are an attorney. give us a little background. >> i do transactions and litigations so whether a deal is coming together are falli
after the seller reserves as a the u.s. economy still needed help from the stimulus program. the dow jones was down 61. the nasdaq lost 21. the s&p 500 fell eight. opening bell today is as 6:30 a.m.. >> ford'bes released this list of the world's most powerful people for 2013. russian president vladmir putin took the top spot, knocking the president barack obama from the top spot to no. 2. pope france is among the newcomers to the list, landing at no. 4. german chancellor angela merkel is the only woman in the top 10. she came in at no. 5. forbes says the the ranking represents their scope of at the ruins and financial resources compared to their peers. resources compared to their peers. >> [ male announcer ] the founder of mercedes-benz once wrote something on a sheet of paper ♪ the challenge always accepted. and the calling forever answered. ♪ introducing the all-new 2014 s-class. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> the time is 6:30 a.m.. four people injured after being attacked by two dogs and antioch. it happens just before 9:00 p.m. last night. a man was out walking his
in the state head to the polls on november fifth. we're the biggest economy in the world.and some say, the most powerful. but a new study says we americans fall short on gender equality. zain asher has the story. forget the battle of men versus women. it's the u-s versus the world. and we're not doing too well when it comes to gender equality. the world economic forum looked at where men and women are most equal, and ranked 136 countries. number one? iceland. followed by other nordic countries like finland, norway, and sweden. but if you're looking for the u-s, we're not even in the top ten. nicaragua is ahead of us. so is cuba. the u-s doesn't even make the top twenty. to find us, you have to go all the way down number 23. last year, the u-s was number 22. so we've dropped. the u-s gets high marks for economic opportunity. specifically, there are more women in the work force, and pay is better than in other countries. the u-s also scores high on education for women. but the country falls short when it comes to politics. out of the 535 seats in congress, women hold only 98 of them. and of cours
be a problem for the whole economy >> i look at everything monetarily. so the health care initiative, what we are running is that you we were promised to keep your old plan if you were an independent. but it shows a list of standard so that you would have to get yours dropped by the mandate and thus you will help pick up obama care which is more expensive. there has been this should equal better health care, but 150 to $300 in monthly expenses that will not go into home video games lamichael course will be a drain in on the economy. >> jacqueline: san francisco airport it was not that way this morning you could see lout low cloud cover to appear it high temperatures today were on the cooler side just as what we expected mainly in the low 60s but that was it in santa rosa. 63 in san rafael for our inland valleys and 65 livermore and antioch. now, right now temperatures are about the slain: not if you did degrees. 60 and concord and san jose it is on to beat a chilly night to night. the colder air that the system run down with it in the combination of those two things leaving to chile temperatu
the economy still needed help from its stimulus program halloween is more than just tricks or tricks. the holiday rates and a big cash for retailers from candy makers to decorators. cnn's carl as those reports. >>: up for many businesses and business is booming. consumers are still expected to spend about $6.9 billion on all things week and scary. hear five things you might not know about the business side of halloween. first up the average dracula and all those fake spider webs and tombstones at up. if you break down decorations along retailers estimate that the average person will spend 21 bucks on them. that makes following at second only to the christmas season and decorating. the candy of choice, according to a national confectioners are my people want to stick their fangs into chocolate. and by a wide margin. 72 percent. candy corn is the sweetest corn. the confection was invented in the 18 eighties. what is now the jelly belly candy company has made it pretty much the same way since 1900. using mostly syrup corn syrup and marshmallow print is not fact. there's a right way to e
the mystery between the economy and halloween. >> candy sales always go up on halloween. >> people still try to treat in hurricane conditions and floods. >> you could all hershey's they have incredible starks over it for you. >> kobe that person that says kids are fact you are allowed to be fat one day of the year and that is on halloween. >> now time for the kron4 tech report with gabe slate. >> the person was pulled over in san diego for work wearing the global glasses. >> the head mounted display the latest posted a copy of the ticket. >> people are debating whether the global glasses should be worn while they are driving perry it >> big props to amazon they have made it easy and affordable to give to charity. >> amazons smile is a new web site created by amazon that allows you to cut down a 5% of your purchase to any charity that you choose. >> you could choose one of the charities spotlighted by amazon or pick your all my typing in the name in the search field. alignin >> by an item through amazon smile and shearson that you're the nation will be made to your favorite charity. alliant m
greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles industrials sources. that the dealings together economies with a combined gdp of 2.8 trillion dollars, the fifth largest in the world. >> the island that ushered millions of immigrants and to the united states is about to resume receiving visitors for the first time since superstore sandy's search gushed in the new york harbor. >> of all the buildings of the ellis island immigration museum are due to reopen to the public today, almost one year after the storm. allied is what boyle as an electrical systems and left the 2.7 acre item without power for months. >> but the national park service note that much work still needs to be done. more than 1 million photographs and other artifacts remain in storage while buildings are fixed and upgraded perry it >> a fight over renewing the nation's farm bill has centered on cuts to the 80 billion of your food stamp program. >> but there could be unintended consequences if no agreement is reached--- milk prices. >> members of the house and senate are scheduled to begin long awaited negotiations on the fiv
is the problem with the president obama care at about the economy. >> yes. if you look at something monetarily. >> everything is about money. it, the health care what we are learning is that if you are an independent contractor you will do your own health care. and it is probably some standard to the old, health-care. so, the president obama healthcare would be more expensive. of course this will equal better health care but it also means another $300 out of an individual's pocket. it is not going to be going to video games. we are going to be taking money out of the economy and towards the government with president obama health care. >> we will be right back refe >> this new hot spot to san jose there is an accident 1 0 1 southbound just south of the guadeloupe overpass. it is blocking the two lanes is normally a delay-free, and problem-free but it is a number of hot spots that we are watching this morning. (male announcer): here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> stanley: if you have time take a walk along the bay bridge trail you might notice a few things first off f
in the economy and society. polls have showed clinton as the leading democratic contender for president in 2016. that's if she decides to run. in world news, secretary of state john kerry is in egypt today saying that suspending u.s. aid to the country is " not a punishment. " at a news conference in carol, kerrey of knowledge each it is--cairo, kerry acknowledged to egypt is facing difficult challenges and turbulent years. he's urging the digits to continue their march to democracy. but kerry held out the prospect that a vote could result in egypt. the u.s. withheld more than $1 billion in assistance to the country after the military toppled the government. >>darya: in china, the top military general and the volatile region of xinjiang has been replaced. the move appears to be linked to a terrorist threat in beijing. the attack happened october 28th when a man driving and as to be plowed through crowds before crashing in front of tiananmen updates. killing himself his wife and mother and two stores. no one has claimed responsibility for the attack but beijing landed on extremists seeking indep
and croats and chart a path toward their full participation in the economy and society. polls have shown clinton as the leading democratic contender for president in 2016 that if she decides to run. it sounds like the plot of a bad movie. >>mark: federal authority's say a malaysian businessman and nicknamed " fat leonard " obtained a u.s. military secrets by lining up hookers, lady gaga tickets and other bribes for a navy commander. the acquisitions unfold in a federal court case in san diego said no serious national security breaches and corruption. the case has set off high-level meetings at the pentagon, with the thread that more people including those of higher naval ranks could be swept up as the investigation continues. >>darya: the white house and the heads of the intelligence committees and conference are rejecting nsa liquor edward some of its plea for clemency. that would give him a lesser punishment if he would return to the west. officials say no offers are being discussed as noted should return to the u.s. and face charges. snowden, who has temporary asylum in russia made th
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11